Only 50% of marketers say their content marketing efforts are being attributed toward revenue.*

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Ignite Your Content Strategy:

"Content marketing is the only marketing left." – Seth Godin

Whether you agree with Seth or not, we can all acknowledge that content sits at the center of everything we do as marketers.

And because it’s such a critical component of your strategy, we’re willing to bet that you put a significant amount of investment behind your content.

How have you adjusted your content to align with the challenges that your customers are facing in today’s market? Have you changed your channel strategy based on audience engagement?

Content is about crafting creative stories that build important connections with your audience. Now is not the time to neglect your content program.

We cover four steps to help you attribute your content marketing efforts to your bottom line:

  • Discover & Assess: Evaluate your current assets and plan for the future.
  • Build Content that Matters: Learn how to lead with emotion.
  • Distribution 101: Determine the right mix of content styles and channels for your audience.
  • Measurement & Optimization: Is your content performing the way you’d hoped?

It’s time that your content got the spotlight it deserves!

* PAN’s 2020 Content Fitness Report

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