75% of CFT respondents feel they need to re-configure their marketing strategy.

In the second half of the year, don't be afraid to retool your content strategy or rewrite your entire marketing playbook. Now is not the time for self-serving content – it’s the time for marketers to listen, learn and connect with their customers.

Discover today's content marketing challenges:

Learn to Lead with Empathy.

As we created our 7th annual Content Fitness Report, we knew this year’s analysis would look different. We knew it must reflect the current challenges that we are all facing as humans, and how that ultimately impacts the world of marketing. And the responses in this year’s report followed suit:

  • Less is More. Marketers are feeling overwhelmed with the amount of content they think they need to create.
  • Growing Value of Customer Advocacy. 41% of marketers are planning to integrate a customer advocacy program in the second half of the year, compared to only 28% in 1H 2020.
  • Lead with Emotion. Forget the self-serving narratives – teams are focused on building emotionally driven narratives.
  • Feelings versus Facts. Nearly 20% of marketers feel they can live without a data and analytics skillset on their team.
  • + More!

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