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September 2017

Insights from Experts: A Sit Down with Joe Chernov

Mark Nardone, EVP at PAN Communications, sits down with Influencer and Content Marketing Pioneer, Joe Chernov. They discuss the relationship between sales and marketing, top challenges that marketers are facing today, the justification of content marketing, ABM strategies and other personalization tactics. Watch the video here

The Building Blocks of Effective Marketing for Healthcare Companies
The Building Blocks of Effective Marketing for Healthcare Companies
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CMO Pitfalls: Communicating the Real Value of Your  Marketing Efforts
CMO Pitfalls: Communicating
the Real Value of Your 
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10 Steps to Planning an Efficient and Successful Press Tour
10 Steps to Planning an Efficient and Successful
Press Tour


When Do You Need a Marketing Strategy vs a Sales Strategy?

Sales and marketing need to operate as a single, cohesive and integrated unit - aligning around a common understanding of the target market, priority personas and key metrics. But there is a time and place for marketing, and a time when direct sales is your best bet. Matt Heinz discusses when a direct sales strategy is appropriate and how marketing can lead to long-term success and profitability - helping you to accomplish your long-term goals.


How to Prepare for Startup Conferences

Are you ready for your upcoming conferences? Before committing to an event, you must set up a strategy and determine your goals. Ask yourself, what do you want to achieve from the conference? Once you've answered that question, begin setting up your strategy, planning your pre-event outreach and making the necessary preparations before the big event.


Creating your 2018 Marketing Budget

It's never too early to start working on your company's marketing plan for the upcoming year. There are many conversations to be had about your budget's impact on your marketing capabilities and strategy. Use this guide to get a jump start and determine which tactics you should incorporate to make the year ahead a successful one.