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December 2017


Customers are craving a closer connection with their brands and CMOs are playing catch up to try and meet these demands. 2018 will become a critical year for marketers in terms of measurement and customer obsession. Find out what the experts predict for the upcoming year ahead here.

Picking Partners for Overseas Growth
Picking Partners for
Overseas Growth

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How to Hack the News Cycle for Social Success
How to Hack the News Cycle
for Social Success

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CMO Pitfall: Ending the Year with a Bang!
CMO Pitfall: Ending
the Year with a Bang!


7 Ways to Maximize Your Marketing Budget

Marketing isn't an expense, it's an investment. Every dollar you spend should be working toward earning you more than a dollar in benefits, whether that means more conversions, attracting more traffic, or just increasing your overall brand exposure. Increasing your budget for your marketing and advertising strategy is almost sure to earn you more results if you allocated strategically. The key to achieving efficiency in a marketing campaign is to make sure you're getting the full value out from your spend - no matter how big or small your budget.


Influencer Marketing: Thinking Outside the Tube

Influencer marketing will continue to be a big part of marketing strategies in the coming years, emerging as a primary way to create meaningful connections with consumers. As more platforms find a place for influencers, there will only be greater opportunities for brands. Forward-thinking brands are taking note of which platforms influencers are expanding to, and looking for ways to further increase the reach of their campaigns.


5 Social Media Content Marketing Trends to Watch Heading into 2018

Creating and distributing compelling content through social media is especially important from a branding perspective. The trick to the future of social media marketing is using modern approaches at being human. Your message must be interesting and relevant to motivate a reaction from the end-user. Learn about the top five trends that will open new doors for using cutting-edge content to build meaningful relationships with customers.