Digital transformation has moved from a conversation to a reality overnight, with few industries more intimately impacted than eCommerce. Brands and retailers must shift strategies and technologies at the speed of their customers to stay competitive with a new breed of digital-first commerce players. Yet, what was coined the “retail apocalypse” by The Wall Street Journal has proven anything but: 71% of retail companies have experienced positive growth year over year, and the U.S. Census Bureau reported 3% growth in physical retail establishments and 375% growth in eCommerce firms, according to Forrester.

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Sweeping change is taking hold of the eCommerce industry, however, and savvy commerce and technology brands are tapping into an emerging stream of opportunity. For many of PAN’s clients, opportunity comes in the form of brand reinvention, market growth, vertical penetration and M&A aspirations. Our seasoned team can guide you along your path and help you hone your transformation story for maximum impact. Whether you are looking to expand your network of partners, change the perceptions of clients and prospects, or engage industry influencers, analysts and reporters to spread your story, PAN can move your ideas from concept to reality.

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