Expectations will drive success, and in times like this it’s the expectations we set for ourselves that matter most.

We need to rise to the opportunity and do our part by throwing out the ROI of yesterday. Let’s learn to be nimble and unite around the common good of the brand.

NXT Stage Start-Up KitAt PAN, we’ve successfully relied on our NXT Stage framework to help growing brands succeed in both distressed and thriving markets. We can help you identify where to begin in your journey towards a rebound market in our eBook, How to Use Creativity to Find Opportunity During a Downturn.

Throughout this eBook, you will discover how to:

  • Assess and audit what you currently have in place;
  • Align existing activities to in-the-moment business opportunities;
  • Prepare for the rebound phase through thought leadership and product innovation;
  • Communicate effectively with investors, employees and customers;
  • Pull your communications approach into a sound integrated marketing & PR strategy.

Get started today. Download the eBook!