Whether an IPO is on your horizon in 6-months or 2 years, it's never too early to start planning.

Download this 6-Month Workback Plan Template and start aligning your departments and executives for a successful growth equity story.

Download the 6-Month Plan Template:

Question: What does a successful pre IPO public relations plan entail?

Answer: a solid communications infrastructure with a detailed messaging strategy, a robust timeline of news, and a list of priority audiences.6-month pre-IPO PR Plan Template | PAN Communications

Each campaign needs to be strategically released over an extended period to positively impact market perceptions about the company.

Done correctly, a pre-IPO strategy will help to ensure that company news resonates among key audiences, creating the right degree of market buzz.

While a pre-IPO PR strategy typically begins 12-18 months ahead of public filing, we have outlined a 6-month IPO process timeline. When adhered to by all parties, this template can support development by minimizing time spent by management teams who should remain focused on business operations.

Download the template to support your brand's growth equity story.


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