Is your brand prepared for the next cybersecurity incident?

To illustrate the current news cycle for breaking security news and the impact on the comms strategy, PAN analyzed three of the most influential cybersecurity events over the last 18 months that drove the greatest visibility.
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For marketing and communications teams, taking a reactive stance is not an option.

Breaking Cybersecurity News & The Impact on PR | PAN CommunicationsPAN analyzed three major cybersecurity events, surfacing:

  • Clear patterns for how the incidents are covered during their initial breaking coverage periods;
  • The level of security vendor visibility and participation in the discussions;
  • The kind of information developed and shared by these organizations to educate their audiences on the incidents.

The rapid pace of today's breaking news cycles, and the concentration of impact that typically occurs during the first 24 hours of an incident first becoming public, commands advanced preparation to minimize damage to brand reputation.

So how do security brands take action?

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