Healthcare may not be the fastest industry, but it's a complex one.

In our latest report, we analyzed some of the top conversations taking place in the HIT and digital health spaces thus far in 2023. We examined what's trending up and what's trending down to help you plan your next opportunity.
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Telling an effective story means keeping up with what your audience cares about.

While the health sector has historically been known for slow adoption of new technologies, the pace of technological innovations and the stakes of implementing them mean that the industry is evolving faster than ever before.

In the report, find details on:HealthPulse: Conversations that Matter | PAN Communications

  • Telehealth: The most discussed topic of the year, indicating a persistent interest in optimized care delivery in the post-pandemic era. 

  • Artificial intelligence: Media conversations around the impact of AI on healthcare is up 166% from 2022, with an emphasis on the risk-benefit analysis. 

  • Women’s health: Conversations around health equity, maternal mortality and post-partum depression have driven a 74% increase in media mentions YoY. 

  • And much more. 

How can you use these insights to create a meaningful brand story?

Use the report to:

  • Steer your narrative and differentiate in your market in ways that underscore your unique value   

  • Understand the dynamics behind macrotrends driving your industry to inform your omnichannel marketing strategy and benchmark performance 

  • Anchor your thought leadership platforms and brand POVs into the topics dominating your industry’s news cycle 

  • Successfully build and amplify awareness grounded in topics that are salient to your customers and prospects 

  • Shift brand equity within the top healthcare media trends into meaningful demand gen programs that resonate 

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