Digital Health Has Never Been in Higher Demand

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91% of healthcare customers use patient communities to make health decisions.

...And the telehealth market is projected to reach $55.6B by 2025.

Keeping Pace with Digital Health Transformation through Integrated Marketing & PR

With the rise in telehealth and the growing role of artificial intelligence in healthcare, recent economic conditions have forced brands to immerse themselves in the digital landscape. It's no longer an option for healthcare brands to remain uninvolved when it comes to social channels and other digital communication platforms.

Consumers are no longer using traditional channels to search for information or receive care – and healthcare brands must leverage integrated marketing and PR strategies to meet that demand. To become a true connected and accessible healthcare brand, companies must create, produce, promote and leverage a great story.

Explore new ways to reach your customers along the buying journey:

  • Identify your target audience, ideal customer profile and your customer's journey.
  • Create a successful content marketing program step-by-step.
  • Use owned, earned and shared channels to drive execution of your inbound efforts.
  • Measure for success and evaluate your analytics from the top down.

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