Why Employee Advocacy Should Be a Part of Your Growth Marketing Strategy

Download 'How Employee Advocacy Can Impact Every Department' to learn about the recognition and revenue that your employees can drive for your brand.

Kick off your Employee Advocacy Program:

In a time when authenticity should be at the core of every message, not nearly enough brands are capturing the voices of their most trusted assets: employees. In fact, only 58.5% of professionals consider themselves a brand advocate.

The voices of your employees should be at the forefront of your marketing and communications strategy. However, you’ll need buy-in from more than just your marketing department.How Employee Advocacy Can Impact Every Department

In this guide, you’ll discover the value of integrating your marketing, sales and HR departments to develop an impactful employee advocacy program. We’ve gathered data from working professionals to deliver insights and support on:

  • Why marketing teams should leverage employee advocacy to build brand awareness
  • The impact of employee advocacy on the sales pipeline as teams strategize to meet growth goals
  • What role employee advocacy plays in articulating your brand’s purpose and values, ultimately supporting your recruitment and retention goals
  • How employee advocacy contributes to overall business objectives

Align business goals, drive awareness and support lead gen with an employee advocacy program that will impress your C-Suite. Download the guide today!

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