How Well Do You Understand Your Brand's Digital Value?

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According to a recent survey of CMOs and CCOs, 53% of today’s communicators believe integrated PR impacts brand reputation, but only 36% believe that it also impacts deal acceleration and revenue.

So how can you make your company’s core differentiators discoverable and effective via your digital footprint?

Building a Thought Leadership Program to Drive Value and TrustPAN Communications has developed a brand research tool, the Digital Visibility Audit (DiVA), to help earned media professionals measure their digital footprint and work more effectively with other departments in the communication organization. When used as a checklist, DiVA metrics drive a collective focus on early indicators of success or failure.

What does this mean for you? Teams responsible for brand awareness, media relations and revenue marketing are working off of the same results, forcing a disciplined review of critical, pre-funnel metrics. The data provides common ground for PR, product, demand and sales teams – and common ground leads to success.

Throughout this eBook, you will discover how to:

  • Ensure brand investment opens doors;
  • Lead with insights;
  • Optimize quickly, but effectively;
  • Think inside out to ensure discoverability;
  • Improve the prospect buyer journey.

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