What does it take to deliver content sustainably, creatively and at scale?

In this year's report, we learned that consumers are only engaging with 1 to 5 pieces of branded content per month - yet 30% of marketers are straining their teams to create 16+ pieces of content per month. How do we build a smarter content strategy that optimizes our community engagement and our lead gen goals?

How does your content strategy stack up?

Use our 2021 insights to help guide your 2022 planning and beyond. 

In mid-2021, PAN Communications surveyed 134 marketing leaders from early, mid and later-stage brands along with 1000 consumers as part of our Eighth Annual Content Fitness Report. Our goal this year was simple – bring the relationship and expectations your audience has closer to your content and ensure marketing teams remain fluid building out their narratives.

  • 2021 Content Fitness Report | PAN CommunicationsHow do you balance cadence versus utilization of content? 
  • Are you building an employee experience that leads to advocacy?
  • Does your social community foster connections? Do you have an effective social community? 
  • Are you creating (or repurposing) content that addresses generational divides? 
  • Does purpose-driven marketing have its limits?

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