65% of the most successful content marketers have a documented strategy vs. 14% of the least successful.*

Download this Content Distribution Template and find out where the gaps in your strategy are. You'll thank us later.

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Furthermore, 68% say it helps their team allocate resources to optimize their desired results. Because a piece of content is only as impactful as the distribution strategy you put behind it. 

COVID-19 and remote work have caused content consumption habits to change drastically. Reaching customers is harder now than ever before as personal and professional lives continue to blur.

Marketers are realizing that the answer to these challenges is an agile content distribution strategy that fosters emotional connections with your audience. But whether you’re working with limited resources or you’re aligning teams and departments to prepare for IPO, how can you pull together a strategy that will successfully build awareness and trust, support sales and educate customers at every step of the buying journey?

This Content Distribution Template will walk you through how to:

  • Organize your distribution strategy from start to finish
  • Amplify your content differently across buyer personas and pain points
  • Personalize distribution strategies based on stage of engagement
  • Align departments and teams for consistent messaging and positioning
  • Repurpose existing content using new styles, tones and channels based on brand goals

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*Content Marketing Institute


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