Artificial Intelligence (AI) has taken over the world. Or, close to it, it seems. In fact, Gartner predicts that Global business value derived from artificial intelligence is projected to total $1.2 trillion in 2018.

Every day, we read about how new companies – across all sorts of industries – are driving innovation on the heels of AI technology.

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At last year’s Forbes Under 30 Summit in Boston, we listened to prominent VC firms note that they won’t even look at companies without an AI play. A statement validated by this statistic from PitchBook:

"VC investors worldwide have poured more than $10.8 billion into AI & machine learning companies in 2017."

So, if AI is central to your story, how do you stand out amongst the hype?


Our Clients in Action

Case Studies:

PAN is proud to represent a strong roster of clients who boast AI as a central part of their story. What makes their stories sing is the time spent on building the narrative – how AI is changing the way they do business; changing the way their customers’ do business and changing the way brands interact with their end-customers.

Creative storytelling sits at the core of your brand breaking through the noise; and your success – your “proof is in the pudding” customer stories and anecdotes – are what make it sing for the media. They want to know that the hype is, indeed, a reality.

Do you have an AI story you’re looking to tell? We’d love to hear it, and help shape it.

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